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After the tragic loss of her twin sister, thirty-one-year-old photographer Hadley Byrnes wants to start her life anew. When her therapist suggests moving to Iceland with her, Hadley agrees. But what Hadley doesn’t know is that Dr. Slater is holding her hostage in a beautiful but deadly country, per the orders of the sinister organization Dr. Slater serves.


When she starts questioning the circumstances of her sister’s death, Hadley is run off the road by a mysterious figure and wakes in a dank basement surrounded by seven other women in cages. Women who’ve been locked away for years with no hope of freedom.


Their captor—a masked man with the uncanny ability to defeat death—brings them deep into the remote wilderness of Iceland where they’re given two options: kill or hide. The lone survivor will be awarded freedom.


Determined to survive, Hadley does whatever is necessary to avoid bloodshed. Mostly, she doesn’t want to admit that whatever this sick and twisted game is, it’s part of something much ominous and bigger than she anticipated and it’s all connected with her sister’s death.

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Hide by Kiersten White

Carmen Maria Machado


Men and women 18-45 interested in psychological horror, survival stories, Iceland, gothic horror



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