Quinn Hastings should’ve died when she was seventeen. Five years ago, she survived a kidnapping that left her with dark memories and a murderous secret. Now at twenty-two, Quinn works hard to bury them by hitting the road in her vintage 1970s Mustang to photograph heavy metal concerts throughout her home in Upstate New York. At concerts, she can forget the past and pretend to be somebody normal—somebody who doesn’t see monstrous visions of figures donning black skull masks or hear screams through the walls.


Quinn discovers that her hallucinations point back to Right Path, a former youth facility turned residential mental health center. And rumored to house an underground disciplinary committee where teens and young adults are taken, never to be seen again.


When her best friend is sent to Right Path, Quinn reluctantly rejoins the program, determined to protect her and make sure no one suffers at their hands again. Upon arrival, Quinn discovers the program’s methods have escalated to include psychological torture. Immersed in the program’s strange dark culture, she struggles to blend in whilst holding onto her identity, on which her grasp is slipping with each passing day.

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The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead

Carmen Maria Machado


Men and women 18-45 interested in psychological horror, hard rock/heavy metal, photography, cults, and gothic horror


With Critique Partners - Round III