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Writing a novel can be a daunting task and you want to make sure it's the best it can be before you release it into the world. That's where I come in. 

Why do I want to offer my services? Simply put: I'm passionate about seeing a fellow author's novel come to life.

I have over nine years' experience writing - from contributing to online music publications to law firm marketing... and of course, to my current WIP, DARK EXPOSURE.

I understand that hiring an editor can be scary because you're handing over a project you've slaved over to a stranger... and also, the price.


However, I'm happy to discuss payment plans. Please look through the list of services below and contact me, we can go from there.

What We Offer


With this service, I'll go through your document and make marked changes, identifying grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc.


Developmental Editing

With this service, I'll do a thorough and in-depth read through of your entire document, marking up the big picture items to help your story flow.


The CP Experience

This Critique Partner package includes Zoom calls to brainstorm your story idea on where to start (and Zoom calls in between for check-ins, talking through the dreaded WB) and all of the editing services listed above!


Copy Editing

With this service, I'll go through your document and make sure it reads well. I will highlight anything that stands out (awkward and/or long sentences, etc.)


Editorial Assessment

With this service, I'll read through your entire document and send it back with an editorial letter, giving feedback on plot, characterization, consistency, and more.


The Clean Up Package

I recommend this package for those who put it through all of the critique partner rounds and are ready to send it out to literary agents. 


I highly recommend Kate's editing services. She has helped me with everything from developmental brainstorming to nitty-gritty copy edits that are tedious but necessary. She helps you draw out what you want from your project and helps you implement the steps to make it happen. Also, she's an amazing cheerleader and encourager. Kate is on your side 100% and determined to help you reach your goals. 

Melissa Pinhal, Author

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