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Listening to Your Writer Gut

I’ve heard different pieces of advice when it comes to writing from established authors (and unpublished ones), the big one being turning off your editing brain while drafting.

There are those who can do that flawlessly and I applaud them. However, if you’re like me, there’s always that voice in the farthest reaches of your mind that travels throughout your body. It niggles the back of your head while you’re trying to write or focus on something else… or when you’re trying to sleep.

Fellow writer, say hello to your writer gut. It’s here to stay for the rest of your life with the sole purpose of bettering your draft… and driving away what’s left of your sanity.

The writer gut has been attached to the hip with me since writing this current draft of DARK EXPOSURE. And it just doesn’t tell me when there’s something wrong with my draft. It lets me know when I need to take a break before I spiral into a burnout and do things like go on a walk, scream into the void, watch, or read something. Just anything to keep my mind off what the hell is bugging me about the draft.

Sooner or later, that niggling feeling will reveal itself (the character’s motivation is wrong, the chapter is in the wrong place, etc.). I’m telling you, listening to that writer gut helps significantly and has done wonders for my draft.

If you’re a writer who can turn off that editing brain and plow ahead, then, go forth and write! Ignore this unsolicited post! BUT if that little voice continues to bug you past that wall you created for your editorial brain, I suggest giving it a listen. Maybe there’s something missing in your draft that you need to address.

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