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New Look and WIP Update!

So, I gave Squarespace a try and as it turns out, it wasn't for me. Years ago, I used Wix for my first website building platform and I kept running into issues, then I swore never to use it again (lol).

Now I'm back and thanks to the beautiful design by Danika Corrall and the help of Brittany Wang's Author Website Bootcamp, I can officially say...

... to using Wix again. I love the new interface and how easy it is to use! Not gonna lie, I'm not technologically savvy AT ALL (and my wallet is thanking me for using a cheaper web platform).


Okay, so onto what's going on with my work in progress. Eventually, I'll add a little progress bar thing to the book's page but here's what you need to know:

  1. The working title is The Cursed Ones.

  2. It's a dark loose retelling of Red Riding Hood with a Norse Mythology twist.

  3. It's a YA paranormal (nothing like Twilight) with horror elements. When I say horror, think of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House with a splash of Erin Craig's House of Salt and Sorrows.

  4. The first two titles I mentioned in the previous number are two of three comp titles (meaning for fans of). The third is The Raven Boys. I've never read it but someone said it reminded them of that book soooo why not use it as a comp title, right?

  5. Lots of gore and... uhm. Well, it has some mature themes like in A Court of Thorns and Roses.

I got my draft back this past weekend and started working on it A LOT. And as of today, I'm going underground to focus on it. I'm taking a break from social media and any other distractions to continue working on it.

As for the actual update part, I'm making headway in draft three. Then I will send it to an editor I found on Reedsy who used to be an editor with Harper Collins, Little Brown and Penguin Random House all in the UK. Very stoked to work with him!

Okay, time for me to burrow underground again. I'll publish some blog posts soon but in the meantime, check out my website, let me know what you think below and what should be added.

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1 Comment

Bair Klos
Bair Klos
Jul 23, 2020

Website looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, holy stars above. Super jealous😆😆 And as for your book, it sounds amazing! I sounds like it'd be a delight to read. And good luck with the editor! Good luck on the book👍🏻

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