The Wayward Daughter

Meet Quinn Hastings

A young and ambitious supernatural hunter who searches and kills monsters that stand in her way, including demons. The only problem with that image? She has a demon inside her, one that's been with her since birth. Quinn has no clue as to how it all happened but in her 29 years, she's managed to keep the demon at bay. 


But when she meets the notorious Winchester brothers, Quinn may be staring at the barrel of a gun if they discover who she is... and what dwells inside her. However, when she reluctantly asks for help to rid the demon, they must find out more about her past.


But as she grows closer to the elder Winchester brother, Dean, the road to the truth becomes perilous and she has to make a choice. To destroy the demon inside and in doing so, killing her. Or to allow it to take control and unleash hell on earth.

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I don't own the characters of the CW's Supernatural or the settings. This content is created out of sheer entertainment with no plans to make a profit out of this. I'm just a girl, standing in front of her readers, sharing a story about her favorite TV show.

©Kate Drexel 2020
Designed & Illustrated by Danika Corrall